Block Party Guide

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The City of Airdrie provides a great deal of information about planning Block Parties, including a Block Party Guide and a Neighbourhood Block Party Application Form for those wishing to host a Block Party on City property.

Please click on the following link if you are considering hosting a block party: City of Airdrie Block Party Information.


Table/Chair/Tent Rentals

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The Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association (CCRA) owns 9 plastic folding tables [30″ (W) x 72″ (L) x 2″ (D)], 13 folding (padded) chairs, and 2 tent canopies (10′ x 20′) that are available to rent to residents of Cooper’s Crossing.

Please complete the Equipment Rental Agreement and email it to our special events email (events@cooperscrossingresidents.com) in order to commence the process of renting any or all of this equipment.


Community Contacts

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We have prepared a list of helpful community contacts for CCRA residents.

Please click on the link: Community Contacts.

Not finding what you need?  Contact us.


Animal Control

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a) Dog Barking Complaints:

Barking can be a major annoyance for your family and your neighbours. If your dog’s barking is an issue, you could try:
• Putting your dog in a private area of your yard away from neighbourhood

• Enrolling your dog in obedience classes
• Purchasing or renting a barking deterrent device through a pet store or your

• Speaking with your veterinarian about other options.

If you would like to make a complaint about a barking dog in your neighbourhood, there are a few steps you are required to follow:
• Request a Dog Barking package by filling in the Dog Barking package
request form.

• Complete the dog barking package over a period of time.
• Municipal Enforcement will review your form when it is complete and if it
provides sufficient detail, Municipal Enforcement will follow up with the dog

b) Dog Owner Responsibilities:

The City of Airdrie’s Animal Control Bylaw outlines the responsibilities of dog ownership. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information.

Dog owners must ensure their dogs:
• have and wear a dog license from when they are three months old
• do not run at large
• are on a leash at all times, unless the dogs are in a fenced, private yard
• are under control in designated off-leash dog parks.

NOTE:  only 3 dogs per household are allowed within the City of Airdrie.

Dogs must not:
• bite anyone
• injure anyone
• chase, threaten or attack a person or animals
• bark, howl or disturb anyone
• cause damage to property or other animals
• scatter garbage
• wander into any swimming, bathing or splash pool/park that is provided for
public use.

Dog owners are responsible for:
• picking up all feces produced by their dogs both on and off their property
• not owning more than three dogs per household.

c) Cat Owner Responsibilities:

The City of Airdrie’s Animal Control Bylaw outlines the responsibilities of cat ownership. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information.

Cat owners must ensure their cats:
• have and wear a cat license when outside the home starting from when they
are three months old

• do not run at large

NOTE:  only 3 dogs per household are allowed within the City of Airdrie.

d) Trapping of Cats:

Any person who has a complaint about a cat running at large, may obtain a cat trap from Airdrie Municipal Enforcement for a period of 72 hours.
• complainant will be required to pay a $100.00 deposit to borrow the cat trap
• no cat traps will be provided by Municipal Enforcement if it is colder than 0°C
or hotter than 25°C within 72 hour period

• cat trapping is only permitted between May 1 and October 31
• the Procedure and Guidelines for Trapping of Stray Cats can be found in
  Schedule “E”


Snow Removal

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a) Residential Sidewalks:

As per the Community Standards Bylaw, the City’s snow clearing bylaw allows residents 24 hours to have snow cleared from adjacent or adjoining properties.

Moreover, no person shall remove snow, ice and/or slush, dirt, debris and obstructions from any sidewalk or driveway by causing such material to be placed upon any other portion of the highway or other public place adjacent to such property.

Be a good neighbour – if you have a neighbour who has difficulty clearing snow from their property lend a hand.

b) Park Pathways:

Clearing of pathways in Parks is the responsibility of the City’s Parks department.

The Parks department clears snow from 35 kilometres of concrete sidewalks and 98 kilometres of asphalt pathway. If more than half an inch of snow has accumulated, the goal of the Parks department is to have the snow cleared within a 24-hour period.

If you notice a sidewalk or pathway which may have been overlooked or has drifted over after it has been cleared, please contact the Parks department.

c) Roadways:

City of Airdrie Public Works-Roads department is responsible for snow removal on City streets. Please review the City of Airdrie’s Snow & Ice Page for more information.

Residential snow and ice service levels (city wide) are a priority 5, which is the lowest priority. Short of spot sanding or main carriageway plowing (to minimize rutting) snow removal is not done unless there is extenuating circumstances.


Parks & Fire Pit Bookings:

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If you are considering booking a City of Airdrie park space or a fire pit, please see the list below and the process to follow:
1. Contact the Parks department for availability
2.  Fill out and submit a Parks & Green Space Application
3. If approval is granted, you will be provided with a Parks Lease
Agreement.  You must review, sign and return the agreement prior to the
event taking place.

4. You may be required to provide the Parks department with a Certificate of
Insurance if any of the following criteria applies to your function:

  • more than 50 attendees
  • you require access to the concession, fire pit or amphitheatre. (a $40.00 refundable deposit is required when booking these amenities)
  • will involve using inflatable devices
  • will involve using a BBQ
  • the event is a wedding.

Facility user applicants who do not have the required insurance may apply to purchase it through the City’s Facility User Group insurance program at the time of booking, as follows:
1. Request a facility user group insurance application from parks@airdrie.ca.
2. Complete the insurance application as indicated, be sure to initial page one
and sign/date page two. Note: some events/activities are not insurable per
page one.

3. Submit fully completed applications to City Hall (400 Main Street, Airdrie;
M-F 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) or email to IRM@airdrie.ca.

4. Applicants will be contacted by City staff with confirmation of premium.
5. Premiums may be paid by cash, debit, cheque, or credit card at City Hall.

Liquor approvals
• For all liquor approvals and permits please contact the Parks department via email or by calling 403-948-8400 for further details.