Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association Fees

As a condition of purchase, every homeowner in Cooper’s Crossing is obligated to pay annual fees to the Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association (CCRA). The mandatory annual fees are stipulated in an encumbrance registered against the title of each lot sold in Cooper’s Crossing. The purpose of the CCRA Resident Association Fees, also known as HOA Fees, is to help fund community enhancement projects and events as determined by the CCRA.

Effective January 2019 residences adjacent to public green-space will pay $75.00 per year with all other residences paying a rate of $57.00. Both amounts include GST.

These rates are subject to an annual increase for inflation based on the annual Consumer Price Index for the City of Calgary on January 1st of each year. Residents’ Association Fees are paid on an annual basis and are Due no later than April 1st of each year.

Astoria Asset Management Ltd. collects and manages the CCRA Fees and advises the CCRA when there are households in Cooper’s Crossing whose Resident Association Fees are in arrears.

How Do I Pay My Resident Association Fees

The Homeowner Financial Package will be sent to all Cooper’s Crossing Households by Astoria Asset Management Ltd. No Later than February 1st of each year. Homeowners may receive them either via email if registered through Condo Café or via Mail if not Registered.

Resident Association Fees are to be paid to Astoria Asset Management Ltd. located at: #202, 150 Edwards Way NW Airdrie, AB T4B 4B9

Mail Payment to Astoria directly. Please ensure you reference that the cheque is for your Resident Association Fees and ensure your property address is noted so your account is credited correctly (NSF Fees are $25.00 and Cash is NOT ACCEPTED via mail)

Drop off your cheque or exact cash amount to Astoria in person, subject to any access requirements due to the pandemic (NSF Fees are $25.00). Recommended that you call ahead to ensure office access is available.

Online Payment via Condo Café – Registration required prior to payment. Click Condo Café To Register and Pay your Resident Association Fees.

Recommended that all Households Register with Condo Café as your account will also enable you to receive Important CCRA Information faster and more timely, directly into your Inbox.

For further information regarding the CCRA Resident Association Fee and Payment, please contact:

Janis, Astoria Property Manager   

T 403.948.0337



What Happens If My HOA Fees Are Late, Not Paid?

First Notice

Sent to the Homeowner as a Reminder Notice that will include a $25.00 Late Fee Charge in addition to the HOA Fee Past Due

Second Notice

Sent to the Homeowner that will include an additional $50.00 Late Fee Charge on top of Balance, Late Fees and Interest Owed

Third Notice

Sent to the Homeowner in the form of a Demand Letter that will include Legal and Search Fees added to the existing Account Balance

Legal Action

Accounts still outstanding after the Third Notice Payment Deadline will be referred for Legal Action and additional Fees and Costs will be added by the Law Firm handling the Legal Action

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