Organics Collection

Acceptable Compostable Bags and Liners

Options for lining your kitchen pail or green cart include:

  • Compostable bag
  • Paper bag
  • Newspaper
  • Nothing

If using a compostable bag, it must have one of these symbols:


Compostable bags are available at most grocery, hardware and pet retailers in Airdrie.

Compostable bags Biodegradable or oxo-biodegradable bags
Made from a food by-product such as corn starch and break down into compost Are made from plastic
Are usually opaque and feel softer than plastic bags Plastic bags prevent the flow of air, which is required during the composting process
Guaranteed to completely break down during the composting process Break apart into small plastic pieces, which do not completely decompose
Have a certified compostable logo Diminishes the quality of the finished compost


Acceptable Compostable Bag Options (not limited to these):

Green Bins should be placed on the edge of the street no later than 7:00 AM on collection day.