2023 Key Dates

Date Event
May 27, 2023 Community Garage Sale
July 1, 2023 Canada Day Barbeque
July 1, 2023 Canada Day Home Decorating Contest
October 31, 2023 Halloween Home Decorating Contest
December 24, 2023 Christmas Descoration Contest

Event Updates

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Are you looking to contribute your time and skills to Coopers Crossing events?  Visit our Volunteer page and reach out.  We are always in need of talented volunteers.

Event Details

Garage Sale

Tips for preparation:

  • Work Methodically through your home to find items to sell – don’t forget about the storage rooms, garage rafters, and rarely-opened cupboards.
  • Decide what to sell- shed a tear, negotiate which treasures get to stay, then build your “to sell” pile.  Be ruthless!
  • Get ready to sell – do you need tables or other surfaces to hold goods?  Do you have small bills and coins to make change?  Do you need a money box to hold your cash?
  • Consider accepting electronic payments: set up auto-deposit with your e-transfers so you don’t need to do extra work.

Canada Day Celebration

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Halloween Decoration Contest

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Christmas Decoration Contest

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2022 Winners