History of Coopers Crossing

Cooper’s Crossing development, when it was first launched, was built on lands acquired by the Cooper family who farmed the land for over 100 years. Later, more land was purchased by Westmark, the developer of Cooper’s Crossing, to expand the development. This land was purchased from the Reynolds family. The Reynolds family farm (circa 1965) was located on what is currently the Cooper’s Town Promenade. The Promenade features the Reynolds Clock Tower to pay homage to the homesteaders of this land. The Reynolds Collection area of Cooper’s Crossing is dedicated to the Reynolds family. It is in the southeast corner of Cooper’s Crossing adjacent to 40th Avenue and Morningside.

Cooper’s Crossing has been awarded the title of Airdrie’s Best Community for a decade, and rightfully so. The community offers everything that families require to lead a comfortable and contented life, from well-planned infrastructure to exceptional schools and parks. Here are four reasons that make Cooper’s Crossing stand out as the most exceptional community in Airdrie:

  1. Expertly Designed Community Layout The commun ity’s master-planned design is one of the primary reasons why Cooper’s Crossing is an excellent place to live. Unlike many other neighborhoods in Airdrie and Calgary, Cooper’s Crossing is predominantly composed of detached residential homes. This means that residents have ample personal space, resulting in a comfortable and peaceful living experience. Furthermore, without apartments or condos, noisy neighbors won’t keep you up at night.
  2. Abundance of Parks and Pathways Cooper’s Crossing is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with numerous parks and ponds scattered throughout the community. A network of pathways connects all the homes, making it easy to navigate the area by foot or bike. During winter, the ponds convert into natural skating rinks, adding to the area’s allure.
  3. Exceptional Schools Cooper’s Crossing is a family-centric community that prioritizes education, with two top-rated elementary schools located within walking distance from most homes in the community. Cooper’s Crossing K-5 School and St Veronica’s K-8 Catholic School offer an excellent public or Catholic education for children, ensuring they receive a high-quality education.
  4. Easy Accessibility The community’s convenient location just off Highway 2 makes commuting to Calgary or running errands a breeze, making Cooper’s Crossing one of the most accessible communities in the area.

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